Behind The Scenes - Creating a Shorter Trailer Video

Wow, editing the 'extended version' of the Laser Splat game trailer video down to a shorter video took WAY longer than I thought it would.  It was also WAY harder than I thought.  I ran into many difficulties...including me accidentally deleting one of the gameplay footage videos....the one that was actually the hardest to create....ouch!   I had to start over on that footage from the beginning.  

The original trailer video (which i call the 'extended edition' because it is about 2 minutes) long took me 38 versions to get to the final versions.   That means thought I had the video looking pretty good in the editor, produced it as an .avi, and did a final edit on that to trim the end point....then, after viewing the final edit of it over and over, I saw some things that weren't right or that could be improved.....and went back to editing.   On the 'extended version' I did that 38 times.     

This 'simple edit' of that video took me 31 tries.   Ugh.   I just uploaded it to our Youtube channel and you can see it at the link at the bottom.

Here is a pic of me doing that edit.   The upper left corner is photoshop where I'm making the 'screenshot' images for Google Play.

Here is a link to the brand new shorter version of the Laser Splat trailer video...


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