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New Character - Sara!

Introducing Sara - A new character in Laser Splat!     .     Welcome aboard Sara!   I hope you are fast!

Here is a screenshot from Laser Splat.   Sara is trying to avoid a bright yellow laser!    Run, Sara, Run!

Game Title Announced....LASER SPLAT!

Our new game Laser Splat will be out in 2019!!!

New Character - Jay!

Here is our newest character.....Jay!

Here is a screenshot of him in the game as he runs to the right in Zone 05....a mid-air pic!

New Character - Brorqak!

Here's our newest character in the game....Brorqak!

.     Here is a screenshot of him in the game! 

New Character - Todd!

New Character added to the game....Todd!     Welcome aboard Todd!

.     We'll be sharing more details about our characters and the game very soon.  We'll finally be revealing the game's name on our website this week!    This will allow us to share even more about the game in the near future!  

Early Artwork - room attempts

We've cleaned up and finalized the rooms for our game, but here are some early attempts where we were trying different things out....colors, lighting, wall art, etc....  None of these will be in the final version of our game, but parts of them will be in.    

Game Title to be announced next week!

We'll be announcing our game's title next week!     .

At that time we'll be posting a promo poster for the game that I just finished working on!

More pics of new characters coming soon too!

New Character - Jada!

Meet one of my personal favorite characters that we've just added to the game....Jada!

...Here she is in a screenshot from the game!

Screenshots - Marcus and Buzz

Here are two recent screenshots from the game.    Marcus and Buzz.    We'll be introducing a new character tomorrow plus we'll be revealing the name of the game and other details soon.  Check back often and add comments! 

This is Marcus.

This is Buzz.

New Character - Marcus!

Say hello to our new character, Marcus!     Welcome to the team Marcus!
      .....  (I hope to add some screenshots of him in action soon!)

Early Artwork - Bye bye Drew! We'll miss you!

Here is another character that just didn't make the cut.   It is sad when you put a lot of work into something and it just doesn't work out.   Drew was however replaced with better characters! Goodbye Drew!   Take care!

New Character added - Jazz!

Here is our newest character!    Meet Jazz!    Jazz, try to be nice to everyone!

Early Artwork - another character bites the dust

Sometimes when you are making a game some things might not work out.  We put a lot of work into this character and had him in the game working fine, but for various reasons he didn't make the cut.  We replaced him with several characters that we think fit our game better. 

Bye Bye Karl.   We'll miss you!

New Character - Mac!

Meet Mac.   An awesome new character we've just added to the game.

Early Artwork - another one bites the dust...

Another character who didn't make the cut.  We didn't like how this robot character's animation looked when running, so we removed him.  He won't be in the final game.  
Below is an early screenshot.  We had him placed too high above the ground here, but even when placed correctly he just didn't feel right.    Bye bye robot.  I wish it could have worked out.

New Character - Buzz!

Meet Buzz.  One of the cool new characters we've added to the game!

New Character - Taff!

I showed this character in an earlier blog entry in a gameplay screen.  Just introducing him formally now!    Meet Taff!

Early Artwork - Characters and rooms

An early screenshot of the main character.   His shadow was part of the sprite, but now we're using code to generate a shadow effect....saving much valuable space over the course of all the characters we are adding.  Notice that the font for the number of lives and score is an old font that we aren't using.  We switched to LED looking font.  Plus, the game now has unlimited lives!   This room was also not used in the final version of the game.

Another room not used....

A character that we decided didn't fit the game well.   He won't be in the final game...

Another room that didn't make the cut.  When the room scrolls, this artwork designed looked strange...kindof like an optical illusion that looks different when moving.   So we couldn't use it.

Characters in game so female character!

Here are the characters in the game so far.  We'll be adding more soon!

Plus, our new female player who is a playable character....

Early Artwork - Level Select Screens

Here are some of the early prototype Level Select screens for the game we are currently working on.  These are from around March 2018.  We ended up coming up with what we think is a better idea for the level select screen and we'll show it in the blog soon.  Looking back, these don't look too bad to me though.   lol.