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New Laser Splat poster featuring Warwick!

Here is a new Laser Splat poster featuring our character Warwick!

New Character - Warwick! plus 2 screenshots!

Here is our new character Warwick!     We officially welcome him to the Laser Splat arena!   Good Luck, Warwick!

Here are 2 screenshots of Warwick in action in Laser Splat!

New Laser Splat poster featuring Mac!

Here is a new Laser Splat poster featuring our character Mac!

Promo Art - a variation

Today's post is a variation of the Laser Splat promo art we posted earlier.   We are still working hard on Laser Splat.   We are 80% done which means we only have another 50% to do!  

New Promo Poster

If you follow our blog, you are getting the first look at this new promo poster for Laser Splat!  We'll have this on our website's main page soon!

New Character - Mercux!

New to Laser Splat....Mercux.    Welcome to Laser Splat, Mercux.   See him in action in the screenshots below and see him live for yourself later this year when Laser Splat is released!!!

New Promo Art - Laser Splat poster with Jada

Here is one of our favorite characters in the game, Jada in a promo poster for our upcoming iOS and Android game Laser Splat.   Thanks for coming by the studio for some photos Jada! 

Laser Splat will be released in later this year!

New Promo Art!

Here is some new artwork promoting our game Laser Splat that will be released later this year!

New Character - to be named soon....

Here is a character that we just added.    Busy, busy, busy the name of this character will be shown here later.   Here are two screenshots of this character in action!

New Character - Mosquito Ray!

Introducing our newest character....Mosquito Ray!

Here Mosquito Ray is running from a red laser!    Actually he is flying from a red laser!  

New Screenshots!

Here are some recent screenshots from our current work-in-progress....LASER SPLAT!

New Character - Jetpack Buzz

Our character Buzz has died his blue hair green and apparently purchased a blue-flamed jetpack!                  .           Introducing 'Jetpack Buzz'! 


Here he is in action.   Look out for those lasers Jetpack Buzz!