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Announcement coming soon!!!!

JWX Software will have an announcement coming soon!  .  .  .  Check back here for upcoming details!   .    .   Today's post is a variation of the Laser Splat promo art ...   We are still working hard on Laser Splat!

New Character - Reaper! plus 2 screenshots!

Here is our new character Reaper!  .  .  .      Welcome to Laser Splat, Reaper! .  .  . Here are two game screenshots of Reaper in the game!

New Character - Bones! plus 5 screenshots!

Here is our new character Bones!   .   .  .  Welcome to Laser Splat! .  .  .  Here are more screenshots of Bones in action!

New Laser Splat promo art - a variation #9 - Plus Info

We are closer to Beta! . . .  Work continues!   .  .  .   Here is a variation on our Laser Splat promotional artwork.    .   .   .   Also, our other project (which we haven't revealed yet), is coming along nicely!   .  .  .  We'll share some updates about it here soon!     

New Laser Splat promo art - a variation #7

Today's post is a variation of our Laser Splat promo art.  .  .  .  We are still working hard on Laser Splat!   

News about a different project....

While working on Laser Splat, I occasionally needed a break to stop and re-evaluate what needed to be done on the game, what was best for a particular aspect of the game, and/or what should be the priority work for us to do on the game.   During one of these times away from Laser Splat I had an idea for another video game related project.   I have worked on that project from time-to-time over the course of the last year.   The news is that it is beginning to look like I might actually complete that project!!!     Having said that, I hope to have an announcement here about that project soon!   I hope it is something that you all will like!   -Robert  (Lead Designer at JWX Software)

New Laser Splat poster with Sara! - plus news!

Here is a brand new Laser Splat poster featuring our character Sara!  . . . .   Work continues on our game Laser Splat.  . . .   We have made great progress on our flying characters and are now adjusting the 'splat' in Laser Splat!    . . .  We are trying to make the game work the best we can before the Beta release which might be coming up soon!

New Character - Lucas! plus 1 screenshot!

Here is our new character Lucas!    Welcome to Laser Splat, Lucas! Here is Lucas in action!

Misc Laser Splat Stuff

Here are 2 screenshots from Laser Splat. . .


We're having fun playing Laser Splat and getting the kinks worked out!   Here are some screenshots of our recent gameplay...I mean "testing"!