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New Laser Splat promo art - a variation #10

Busy, Busy, Busy!   .  .  . Today's post is a variation of the Laser Splat promo art we posted earlier...   We are still working hard on Laser Splat! 

New Character - Arthur! plus 2 screenshots!

Here is our new character Arthur!   Welcome to Laser Splat, Arthur! Here are 2 screenshots of Arthur in action!

New Laser Splat poster featuring Mercux!!!

Here is a new Laser Splat poster featuring our character Mercux! . . . We continue to make progress on the game. . . getting near the end!!!!!

New Character - Hamett! - plus 3 screenshots!

Here is our new character Hamett!  . . . .   Run, Hamett, Run! Welcome to Laser Splat, Hamett!

New Laser Splat poster featuring more characters!

We just added this new poster to our website showing more of the characters in our upcoming game Laser Splat!    .    .    .  This poster shows new characters, a green laser, and the characters are in a different room from our previous character poster!     .  .  .    Recent work on the game includes making the flight better for all flying characters and making the splat effect better.....both of which have now been done!  .  .  . There is more work to do and we are working hard on getting Laser Splat to BETA soon! 

New Character - Vince!

Here is our new character Vince!    . . . Major announcement coming soon!