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New Laser Splat promo art - a variation #13

We are still hard at work on the trailer video for Laser Splat.  . . .     Also considering some adjustments to a few aspects of the game.   .  .  . Today's post is a variation of the Laser Splat promo art we posted earlier...   We are still working hard on Laser Splat! 

Mosquito Joe - promo art - 2 versions!

In the last few days we have been working hard on the Laser Splat Achievement and Leaderboard code......AND the Laser Splat trailer video!   .  .  .    Lots of fun stuff as we get nearer to a Beta release soon!  .   .   .
Here's more of Mosquito Joe....

New Character - Mosquito Joe

Introducing Mosquito Joe! . . . .  He'll be a playable character in Laser Splat which is coming out very soon!. . .  . Below is a screenshot of him in action. . . . We are getting CLOSE!!!!!

Introducing Emma... Plus NEW art and a screenshot!

I'm not sure if we have featured this character or not, so I'll formally introduce her here.   .   .  .   This is Emma!    .    .   .   Welcome to Laser Splat, Emma!     .    .    .   Good Luck!
.    .    .   Plus, I am showing some of the character art I've recently been working on below

.  .  .  . There is also a screenshot below these!  

(Note: Some images from this day's blog's were later removed to be used elsewhere.)

New Character - Bernie!

Here is the latest character in Laser Splat. . .   Meet Bernie .   .  .    More info coming soon.
Recently worked on Google Play achievements, leaderboards, etc...  . . .  Will work on the same for the iOS App Store in the next few days! 

Laser Splat promo art - variations so far 02-12

Here are the variations of our square promo artwork we've shared on the website so far.  .   .  Pick your favorite.  .  .  More variations coming soon!   .  .  .  We are currently working on the Achievements and Leaderboards for Laser of the last things to finish before BETA!!!!!

New Character - Sam!

Meet Sam!  .  .  .   Welcome to Laser Splat, Sam!

New Laser Splat poster featuring Spike!

Here is a new Laser Splat poster featuring our character Spike!  .  .  .  Click to see full size image.

New Character - Curtis! plus 3 screenshots!

Please join us in welcoming Curtis to the Laser Splat arena!    .   .   .

   .   .   .  Here are 3 screenshots of Curtis in the game!   .  .   .   Click to expand.